Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kirstin's Recommendation: Tre Kroner

Company member Kirstin has a favorite hot spot - Tre Kroner, the site of two of our readings! Read on for her review and her recommendation for a perfect brunch. I know where I'm having breakfast this weekend!
I know exactly what you're thinking...
...What the heck am I going to do with my time on Saturday and Sunday before and in between the Nordic Spirit Fest readings?
Well, you won't need to go far...
In fact you should stay put. 

Both matinee readings will be performed at one of Chicago's finest Scandinavian restaurants: Tre Kronor
Which happens to be a mighty fine place to grab a meal...
I highly recommend coming a bit early on Saturday and Sunday and grabbing brunch at Tre Kronor.  

Have you ever had one of those unforgettable meals that haunt you in your sleep? Makes your mouth dribble with gooey saliva at the mere thought of the restaurant's name? 
Well, that happened to me at Tre Kronor. In fact my first meal was sooo good that I have to admit every time I've gone back I haven't tried anything else because, well, it was that good.

So if you go, order "The Kirstin" (but don't actually say that because they will have no idea what you mean) which includes:

Fresh squeezed orange juice (you're going to need a large people...and yes you'll probably order a second)
A side order of Swedish Pancakes with lingonberries (I'm already drooling, just typing this...)
A vanilla hazelnut danish (seriously might be the best pastry in town)
Tomato Basil (or) the Brie and Pepper Quiche (which comes on the most delicious buttery crust that ever melted in your mouth and seriously the most generous serving of fresh fruit piled alongside it - we're talking loads of bananas berries and grapes, not loads of melon)

This is a lot of food, so you might need a small child to help you finish it all... but that's okay because Saturday's matinee reading IS FOR KIDS!!! And guess what? They're free!! 

After the matinee you will have more time to kill. Not a problem at all. Just head across the street to the Sweden Shop where you can peruse through all sorts of Nordic goods, foods and books...try on a Norwegian sweater or buy a few yards of Marimekko fabric. Fun times for all. 


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