Monday, September 20, 2010

Jeppson's Malört and Chicago: a love story

Apparently, Chicago is one of the only places you can find Jeppson's Malört. Malört, a distilled beverage, is the name of a Swedish style of schnapps, flavored with wormwood. The word malört is the Swedish word for the wormwood plant. In the late 1930's Chicago attorney, George Brode, purchased the formula from Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson.

Jeppson's Malört is certainly not easy to drink (for many), and has been marketed for its "aggressive unpalatability." However, many establishments in Chicago have taken on the challenge of including this self proclaimed "rugged and unrelenting" 70 proof spirit in their drink menus. This article lists a few of the places to try.

Check Jeppson's Malört out on Facebook here.

Here's my favorite find so far: video made by Shawn Rosenblatt of his friends after tasting malört.

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